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KP Experiment-Alumni and Friends

Alumni and Friends Collect: A Virtual Exhibition

Introduction to the exhibition and the original 1970 version

To honor the Chazen’s first exhibition in 1970—Alumni & Friends Collect—the Alumni & Friends Virtual Exhibition will create a digital platform to highlight collectors, their connections to the Chazen and UW, and their passion for art. The Chazen will utilize this opportunity to present a less-formal, and more playful version of the original exhibition—collectors will be asked to share selfies with works from their collection, and respond to a brief Q&A. In addition, more robust content (video interviews, long-form written pieces) may be create, pending participants’ interest.

HED for the lenders section

Lenders to the 2021 Virtual Exhibition

  • Sustaining Support Makes a Difference

    Consistent annual support from alumni and friends has played a vital role in providing flexibility to address immediate priorities and new initiatives—from ensuring all students […]

  • Kato Perlman

    A Legacy Gift That Hits the Right Note

    For the past seven years, a generous annual gift from Kato Perlman has ensured that Sunday Afternoon Live at the Chazen has continued to fill […]

  • Collaborative Fellowship in Art Education

    The Burish Fellowship in Art Education was established by Helen and Mark Burish to support a collaborative fellowship shared between the museum and the art […]

  • Joen Greenwood

    Joen Greenwood Fund for the Chazen

    Joen E. Greenwood established an eponymously named fund for the Chazen to support “the purchase or exhibition of art created by contemporary women artists” or to fund publications. Throughout her long career in finance, Greenwood sustained a strong commitment to the arts, particularly those created by female artists.

Lenders to the 1970 Show