The Shawl

The Shawl

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Charles Sprague Pearce

Charles Sprague Pearce’s work embodies the ideals of American expatriates working in France at the turn of the century. Born into a prominent Boston family, Pearce was recognized early on for his artistic talent, but did not pursue formal training until he moved to Paris in 1873. Preferring the way of life and artistic resources available there, he remained in France for the rest of his life. Pearce’s work was well received, and he exhibited frequently in both Europe and America. The Shawl was exhibited in the Universal Exposition of 1900 in Paris. In this elegant depiction of his wife, Antonia, Pearce creates a marked contrast between the sharply focused female form and the indistinct, painterly background. Antonia, in a dignified pose, wears an elaborate costume typical of the early eighteenth-century. Pearce sensitively renders the flowing silk drapery, intricate shawl and ostrich-plumed hat with fine detail. The contrasting background landscape reflects the influence that the emerging impressionist style had on Pearce’s work. His use of varied and broken brushwork and rich, dark colors, further serve to highlight Antonia’s crisp and luminous form.
Charles Sprague Pearce
(American, 1851 - 1914)
The Shawl
ca. 1895-1900
Oil on canvas
81 x 42 in. Overall
Art Collections Fund and Elvehjem Museum of Art Membership Fund purchase
Accession No.
United States


1985, sold by The Jordan-Volpe Gallery (New York, NY) to the Elvehjem Museum of Art [now called Chazen Museum of Art]

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