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  • lithograph by artist Roger Shimomura

    New Accession Highlight: American Guardian

    Although he was born in Seattle as a third-generation American, Roger Shimomura spent two years of his childhood in an internment camp for Japanese Americans in Idaho during World War II.

  • Venus of Urbino Revived sculpture by Mara Superior

    New Accession Highlight: Venus of Urbino Revived

    Ceramic artist Mara Superior’s porcelain sculpture reflects the artist’s engagement with the history of Western art. This piece is inspired by the Venus of Urbino, an iconic work by the Italian Renaissance painter Titian.

  • Teapot sculpture by Don Reitz

    New Accession Highlight: Teapot

    This work was fired in an anagama kiln—an ancient type of kiln that originated in China. The anagama kiln uses wood as a heat source, rather than the typical electric or gas kilns that contemporary ceramicists often use.

  • Time (B) by Kenji Nakahashi

    New Accession Highlight: Kenji Nakahashi Pieces

    Today we’re taking a peek at three pieces by Japanese Conceptual artist Kenji Nakahashi. In both Difference in Time and Time (B), the artist arranged and photographed clocks to make a statement on the subjective experience of time.