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Children Dancing on the Strand

Children Dancing on the Strand

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George William ("A.E.") Russell

George William Russell (called AE) was active in Irish practical politics, forming agrarian cooperative societies and writing and editing publications to modernize agriculture in Ireland. At the same time, he was drawn to mystical organizations such as the Theosophists. AE was also well known as a poet, and his poetry corresponds to the misty-mystical quality of such paintings as Children Dancing on the Strand (14.1.4). with its sketchlike, quick brushstrokes, unfinished quality of landscape. What was important in the painting for AE was the quality of light, the glimpse of another dimension of reality with the ethereal, floating children in the moonlight.
George William ("A.E.") Russell
(Irish, 1867 - 1935)
Children Dancing on the Strand
Oil on canvas
16 x 21 7/8 in. Overall
Gift of Patrick Cudahy
Accession No.


1914, purchased from the artist, George William Russell, by Patrick Cudahy (Milwaukee); 1914, gifted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison; 1967, transferred to the Elvehjem Art Center [now called Chazen Museum of Art]

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