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Oil Jar (Lekythos) with Two Women Carrying Funerary Gifts

Oil Jar (Lekythos) with Two Women Carrying Funerary Gifts

The Timokrates Painter (near)

Such white-ground oil jars were used as funeral offerings. The scene shows two women, probably a mistress, wearing a mourning cloak, and her maid, carrying funeral gifts, fillets, ribbons, and oil jars. Each woman carries a basket decorated to match the other’s clothing.
The Timokrates Painter (near)
(Greek, Attic, active ca. 470-ca. 460 B.C.E.)
Oil Jar (Lekythos) with Two Women Carrying Funerary Gifts
ca. 460 B.C.E.
Hellenistic period
Earthenware with red-figure decoration on white-ground
At shoulder: 15 7/8 x 5 1/4 in. Overall
Edna G. Dyar Fund and Fairchild Foundation Fund purchase
Accession No.


private collection (Basel, Switzerland or England); Münzen und Medaillen, A.G. (Basel, Switzerland); 13 December 1969, sold to the Elvehjem Art Center [now called the Chazen Museum of Art]

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