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Wine Cup (Kylix) with Gorgon Head (interior) and a Warrior, Athena, and Hermes (exterior)

Wine Cup (Kylix) with Gorgon Head (interior) and a Warrior, Athena, and Hermes (exterior)


On the exterior between the apotropaic eyes to ward off evil, Athena wears a high-crested Athenian helmet and holds a spear. Behind her Hermes walks off but looks back. The small figure at Athena’s feet is probably Cassandra, the prophetic daughter of King Priam of Troy. The warrior facing Athena may represent the Ajax, Greek hero in the Trojan War. The interior show a Gorgon head, an ancient Greek demon with staring eyes, often with snakes for hair, and sometimes boars’ tusks for teeth—not a good character to meet.
Unknown (Greek, Attic)
Wine Cup (Kylix) with Gorgon Head (interior) and a Warrior, Athena, and Hermes (exterior)
ca. 520 B.C.E.
Earthenware with black-figure decoration
4 3/8 H x 14 diam. in. overall
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Frank
Accession No.


Unknown date, unknown private collection (Switzlerand) [not confirmed]; 17 December 1977, sold by Summa Galleries, Inc. (Beverly Hills, CA) to Arthur J. and Edith Fairchild Frank (Hartland, WI); 1977, deposited on long-term loan by Arthur J. and Edith Fairchild Frank (Hartland, WI) at the Elvehjem Art Center [now called Chazen Museum of Art]; 1985, gifted by Arthur J. and Edith Fairchild Frank (Hartland, WI) to the Elvehjem Museum of Art [now called Chazen Museum of Art]. [Last researched by Chazen staff 26 January 2022]

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