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Thin Air

Thin Air

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Hannah van Bart

Through portraiture, still life, and landscape, Amsterdam-based artist Hannah van Bart explores the relationship between abstraction and figuration as a subjective one. Employing bold contours, fragmentation, pattern, and repetition, van Bart redefines the distinction between a figure and its environment. This method of depiction creates a perceived state of flux between interior and exterior, suggesting a connection between the emotional and physical lives of her subjects. In this work, the artist presents the body of a standing figure of a girl as if it were a cabinet with drawers that open, or as a mechanical doll with component parts that can be disassembled. The repetition of forms creates the illusion of dynamic animation, bringing the girl to life like a marionette.
Hannah van Bart
(Dutch, b. 1963)
Thin Air
Acrylic on linen
65 1/8 x 43 3/8 x 1 1/8 in. overall
Gift of Drs. Joseph Cunningham & Bruce Barnes in honor of Amy Gilman
Accession No.


2004, Marianne Boesky Gallery (New York, NY); July 9-17 2019, sold by private collector via Christie’s First Open [online sale, lot 370] to Joseph Cunningham (Philadelphia, PA); 2020 gifted to the Chazen Museum of Art

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