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Diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion

The Chazen Museum of Art values deeply the importance of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion as essential to its mission, and supports the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s institutional statement on diversity. The Chazen is aware of the systemic and institutional barriers to accessing art museums and is therefore committed to taking strategic, and deliberate opportunities to represent and uplift traditionally marginalized communities through its collection, programming, and staff. This work is not easy or fast, but the Chazen is committed to becoming better listeners, partners, and allies of diversity and effecting change in the field. 

To ensure the Chazen’s commitment to the above statement at every level of the organization, DEAI goals have been added to each staff member’s annual performance evaluation criteria. Currently, these goals are centered around the following themes:

Wider Representation
Prioritize representation of marginalized communities in our staff, collection, programming, and exhibitions.
Examples include:

  • Hire and retain a diverse staff
  • Research and implement installations/interpretations that tell more inclusive histories of American Art
  • Propose new acquisitions that represent women, BIPOC, LGBTQ artists or address themes related to visibility of traditionally marginalized communities


Increase access across platforms to the museum and its collection.
Examples include:

  • Research and implement highest standards for accessible exhibition design practices
  • Improve amount and accuracy of contextual information provided about collection works on the website
  • Remove barriers to equitable and inclusive hiring practices, such as the requirement of advanced degrees and specific experience

Forge authentic relationships with campus and area organizations which represent traditionally marginalized communities.
Examples include:

  • Add new members to advisory council who expand diversity of membership
  • Target local diverse media for marketing and press releases
  • Diversify programmatic offerings by targeted stewardship of core audiences and speakers
  • re:mancipation