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Exclusive member preview for Resource & Ruin exhibition

Chazen members who have supported the museum at the Partner level and above are invited to exclusive member previews of upcoming exhibitions. Two member previews are set for the weekend before Resource & Ruin opens to the public on Monday, Dec. 19, in the Garfield Galleries.

Resource & Ruin: Wisconsin’s Enduring Landscape presents works by European, American, and Native American artists, unpacking their artistic choices, assumptions, and values to tell a story of a revered landscape under threat.

Early depictions of the Americas by European artists present an idyllic, untouched Eden, overflowing with natural resources ripe for exploitation. Some American artists presented such exploitation in noble, celebratory contexts, while others lamented the ecological damage that resulted and used their art to call for change. Many Native artists have continued fashioning artworks that preserve cultural memory, highlighting relationships with the environment that rely on mutual care rather than exploitation.

The exhibition will feature approximately forty works, including paintings, sculpture, ceramics and other media, that date from the eighteeth century to the present. While many of the objects on view will be from the Chazen’s permanent collection, visitors will also see several important loans, including four works from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Partner-level members will receive an email invitation shortly with details on the previews.  If you’re a Patron- or Sponsor-level member, consider increasing your gift to access these and other Chazen member benefits.

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