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Past Exhibitions

Message from Our Planet

Feb 19–Jun 2, 2024

Message from Our Planet is curated around the idea that media technologies―from vintage devices to cutting-edge digital algorithms―offer distinct ways for artists to communicate with […]

Recent Acquisitions 2023

Jul 31–Nov 26, 2023

Museums add artwork to their collection in various ways, primarily through purchases made by the institution or gifts donated by private individuals. Displayed here is […]

Premonitions: New Works by Monty Little

Apr 17–Jul 9, 2023

The Russell and Paula Panczenko Prize for an Outstanding MFA Candidate The works on view forefront historic and contemporary erasures of various Indigenous identities within […]


Feb 6–Jun 25, 2023

re:mancipation is a collaborative project that has undertaken a two-year study of Emancipation Group and its complex history, while cultivating a more nuanced understanding of […]

Resource & Ruin: Wisconsin’s Enduring Landscape

Dec 19, 2022–Mar 26, 2023

From the earliest European encounters with the Americas, artists have been fascinated with representing its plains, rivers, forests, and mountains. This exhibition introduces some of […]

Echoing Overseas: Asian Artistic Exchange

Aug 8–Nov 28, 2022

Cultural exchange has been one of the most powerful driving forces in the development of art across time. Echoing Overseas traces Asia-based artistic exchange in […]