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Work with us at the Chazen

Jan 5, 2022

Communications specialist

The communications specialist collaborates with museum staff and partners to plan, develop, and implement communications designed to increase awareness of the museum’s collection, exhibitions, programs, and other offerings; stimulate engagement with the museum’s resources, and build loyalty and interest among current and future audiences. Primary duties include planning, executing, and evaluating social-media campaigns; producing a monthly e-mailed event calendar; writing and distributing news and press releases; reporting and writing features; copy editing and proofreading; and editing and formatting didactic labels. Applications close Feb 14, 2022.

Visitor services assistant

The visitor services assistant is a front-line position responsible for establishing the initial interaction with visitors to the Chazen Museum of Art. Visitor services assistants work closely with the visitor services coordinator, helping carry out the Chazen’s mission by ensuring all visitors to the museum feel welcome, supported, and informed of all museum resources available to them. Visitor services assistants also provide museum operations and security support. Applications close March 31, 2022.