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Emma Shore

Emma Shore


What I do at the Chazen: I’m part of a team that’s in charge of installing new exhibitions, maintaining the museum’s permanent collection, shipping and receiving artwork, building pedestals, and a wide variety of other tasks pertaining to art. I love my job because there’s something different to work on every day. It keeps things exciting!

My hometown: I’m from a tiny town called Mounds in Oklahoma. The population there is well under 2,000.

On Saturdays you’ll find me: Hiking, camping, baking new things, or just staying inside and playing video games.

My college major: I majored in Studio Art with a focus in watercolor and sculpture.

My favorite Chazen gallery and why: My favorite gallery is the fourth floor of the Elvehjem building. There are so many bizarre and fascinating ceramics up there. I’ve gotten the impression that it’s one of our least visited galleries so I’d like to give it some visibility!

Last job before the Chazen: I was an assistant preparator at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art for a few years before I started at the Chazen. I also worked as an assistant preparator at the Chazen for several months before getting hired as a full time preparator! Wow, I said the word “preparator” a lot there.

Most unusual job: For a while, I worked as a floor set crew member at a popular clothing store. Basically, the job entailed showing up when the store closed, taking down most of the clothing displays, bringing new clothes in, and setting up new displays. We’d often work until 5 a.m. and the entire job felt like folding other people’s laundry in the most perfect way possible.