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Jenaille Northey

Jenaille Northey

Retail Coordinator

What I do at the Chazen:  I help keep the museum shop running smoothly. That usually means stocking, sourcing, and creating merchandise connected to our wonderful collection. Of course, this also means sampling the coffee regularly!

When I started: January 2023

First memory of the Chazen/LVM: My first memory of this space was back when it was only the Elvehjem building. I think I was in first grade and my art class actually had a show here. We all made these small, beaded squares that then got patched together and put on display in the Mayer Gallery. There was even a little opening reception and everything. My first-grade self thought it was pretty epic!

My Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

On Saturdays you’ll find me: Lounging about with my Kindle.

My alma mater: UW–Madison

My college major: Fine art

My favorite artwork at the Chazen: If I had to pick just one, it would have to be Justice and Abundance by Theodoor van Thulden. It’s a large-scale mannerist oil painting in an extravagant gilt frame. The figures are almost life size and draped in beautiful fabric. So, it’s genuinely pretty impressive. But I also think the figures look like they are the best of friends and are perhaps sharing a bit of gossip. There is a story there.

My creative outlet: Cooking is just art that you can eat…