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Jenaille Northey

Jenaille Northey

Visitor Services Assistant

What I do at the Chazen: As a VSA you will either find me at the front desks or walking through the galleries. My fellow VSAs and I are here to welcome you to the museum, answer any questions you may have (or find the right person) and generally make sure your visit is the best it can be. Please don’t hesitate to say hi!

First memory of the Chazen/LVM: This is kind of embarrassing, but my first memory was back when it was only the Elvehjem building. I think I was in first or second grade and my art class actually had a show here. We all made these small beaded squares that then got patched together and hung in the Mayer Gallery. There was even a little opening reception and everything. My first-grade self-thought it was pretty epic!

My hometown: Madison, WI

On Saturdays you’ll find me: Most likely cooking something and hanging with the fam.

My alma mater: UW- Madison

My college major: Fine Art

My favorite artwork at the Chazen: I really love El Anatsui’s Danu. Aesthetically and conceptually I think it is just stunning. Even the spot in was placed in the museum is just perfect.

Most unusual job: Oof…again, kind of embarrassing, but there was a hot second when I though I wanted to be a genetics major and I worked in a lab that harvested cow and pig oocytes (eggs). Basically, I had to suck up tiny little eggs from ovarian tissue. Interesting job, but it helped me realize I needed to switch gears.