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Kate Wanberg

Kate Wanberg

Exhibition and collection project manager

What I do at the Chazen: I prepare artwork and gallery spaces for display. I also provide assistance with facilities management, environmental monitoring, and the care of the permanent collection.

Why I stay at the Chazen: I love Madison and the UW, and the Chazen is an amazing resource that serves both of them.

First memory of the Chazen: The first time I tried to visit the doors were locked. Luckily, that didn’t stop me from coming back.

On Saturdays you’ll find me: Biking around this beautiful town or at the dog park!

My favorite gallery and why: The Elvehjem fourth floor. This gallery has the most unique and evocative pieces.

My favorite artwork at the Chazen: The Question That Devours.

My favorite work of art outside the Chazen: Gerhard Richter, Breath (Atem), 1989 (Milwaukee Art Museum).

My hobby/pastime: Exploring nature in a variety of ways; hiking, biking, camping, canoeing.

My creative outlet: Creating elaborate Halloween costumes and gardening