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ExhibitionPresenting Shakespeare: Posters from Around the World

Oct 14–Dec 11, 2016

2 vintage shakespeare posters

In compiling the first-ever curated collection of international Shakespearean theatrical posters, Mirko Ilic and Steven Heller assembled around 1,500 examples. Their 2015 book, Presenting Shakespeare, includes 1,100 “historically significant, aesthetically desirable, and conceptually intelligent [posters] produced over nearly two centuries, in many countries and by varied artist, designers and illustrators.”

Presenting Shakespeare: Posters from Around the World is a selection of these posters, chosen to accompany the Wisconsin showing of the Folger Library’s First Folio: The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare at the Chazen. The Chazen partnered with the UW Libraries to bring the rare manuscript to campus.

IMAGE LEFT: Teatr Clipperton, Poland, 2004., designer: Michal Ksiazek (Dydo PosterCollection), courtesy of Mirko Ilić.

IMAGE RIGHT: Shakespeare Theater Diever, Netherlands, 2012, art director: Jack Nieborg, designer: Pamlien Schutter, photographer: Korn Tummerman, courtesy of Mirko Ilić.