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Faculty Resources

The Chazen Museum of Art’s curatorial and education departments have collaborated to design learning modules based on the museum’s collection for use in a variety of courses. These modules can be tailored by instructors to their purposes, the subject of their course, and their learning goals. Each module includes information about, and images of, a group of artworks drawn from the Chazen’s permanent collection pertinent to the theme. The modules include questions for consideration and discussion and a number of suggested assignments. Originally developed for UW–Madison’s Canvas platform, the resources are presented here for all teachers to access.

Each artwork is accompanied by a description of the artwork, the artist’s biography, context relating to the module theme, a list of related artworks in the permanent collection, links to related video content where available, and a bibliography of related readings.

Modules can facilitate discussion of a variety of social and political issues. In addition to providing images for course use, the Chazen plans to make most, if not all, of the primary artworks accessible in the permanent-collection galleries. During the pandemic, group tours will not be offered, however students and small groups will be welcome to conduct self-guided viewings of the artworks when and as the Chazen is able to open its galleries safely to the public.