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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your hours?

Our current hours are posted at the bottom of the page in the footer. Just scroll down.

Where can I put my stuff? Do you have lockers?

Yes! Please stash backpacks and other large bags or parcels in the lockers.

How large of a group can I bring to the museum, and do we all need to be from the same household?

We are no longer limiting the size of groups due to Covid, however, we ask that you let us know if your group will be larger than 20 people, so we can be sure we are able to accommodate you.

What if someone starts to feel sick while at the museum?

If someone  feels sick while  at the museum, please let a Visitor Services Assistant know. If necessary, security staff for the museum will call for an ambulance. If the person feels well enough to travel home, we will encourage them to leave as soon as they begin to feel ill.

What type of COVID-19 training has the staff completed?

The staff has all been updated on disinfection standards, occupancy limits, and what to do if someone becomes ill at the museum.

Can I still put donations in the box when I arrive?

We would be delighted if you would consider a donation to the museum. Feel free to deposit cash or checks in the donation boxes. And you can always make a donation of any amount online.

Do you offer audio tours?

We don’t offer audio tours.

Can I just come in, or do I need a ticket?

Come on in! No ticket required at this time. And we never charge admission.

How long can I stay?

You can stay as long as you’d like to during open hours.

Can I become a member/how can I support the museum?

If you’re able, please consider making a monetary gift. A gift of any size qualifies you for membership benefits. Here’s the website . And, you can support the museum by visiting often and bringing friends!

The museum has a sculpture of Lincoln freeing a slave. Is that sculpture currently on view?

The museum’s collection includes a small marble version of Thomas Ball’s Emancipation Group sculpture, given to the museum in 1976. Our sculpture is a study for the Emancipation Memorial (also called the Freedman’s Memorial) in Washington DC’s Lincoln Park. Another large bronze version was recently removed from public view in Boston. We recognize that this work is problematic in many ways and we have engaged the artist Sanford Biggers, and MASK Consortium to study the sculpture and create an exhibition in response. The Ball sculpture is installed in the Elvehjem building, Gallery IV (4). See for ongoing updates on the re:mancipation project