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  • Kristine Zickuhr

    Kristine Zickuhr

    What I do at the Chazen: Budgeting, operations, security oversight, human resources, facilities management and planning. I’ve been told “it’s the work no one else […]

  • Kirstin Pires' feet

    Kirstin Pires

    What I do at the Chazen: I oversee the museum’s print and digital communications. When I started: January 2014 Insider tip for visitors: Our opening […]

  • Katherine Alcauskas

    Katherine Alcauskas

    When I started: September 2019 What I do at the Chazen: As Chief Curator, I oversee the curatorial division in implementing the Chazen’s mission through its […]

  • Candie Waterloo

    Candie Waterloo

    Insider tip for visitors: Visit the fourth floor of the Elvehjem building. If for nothing else, to see some of the Chazen’s amazing glass holdings. […]