• Claudia Carlson

    When I started: September 2022. On Saturdays you’ll find me: If I’m lucky I’ll be painting or people-watching. My alma mater: Milwaukee Institute of Art […]

  • Ann Schaffer

    When I started:  September 2022, as a museum guide. My first memory of the Chazen (or Elvehjem):  I was in college and was hired to […]

  • Gianofer Fields

    What I do at the Chazen: I am the Storyteller in Residence. Weeeeeeee… When I started: 09/01/22 Insider tips for visitor: Trust your eyes and […]

  • Rosco Ford

    What I do at the Chazen: Preparator/ Art Handler When I started: June 2022 My Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio My alma mater: UW–Madison My college major: […]

  • Jessica Sayer

    What I do at the Chazen: I support the museum’s director and help manage the Chazen’s membership program When I started: July 2022 First memory […]

  • Tom Wilkowske

    When I started: May 23, 2022 Insider tips for visitors: Have an espresso in the café before you start. It’s a bigger and deeper collection […]

  • Adam Hutchinson

    Adam Hutchinson

    When I started: December 2019 Insider tips: Be sure to visit the 4th floor gallery in the Elvehjem building Hometown: Monroe, WI On Saturdays you’ll […]

  • Jordan Craig

    Jordan Craig

    My Hometown: Madison! What I love about the Chazen: I love how connected the Chazen is to the wider university community. As a student, I […]

  • Janine Yorimoto Boldt, PhD

    Janine Yorimoto Boldt, PhD

    When I started: January 2021 On Saturdays you’ll find me: Walking my dog, reading a book, or visiting a museum My alma mater: Michigan State […]

  • Kate Wanberg

    Kate Wanberg

    What I do at the Chazen: I prepare artwork and gallery spaces for display. I also provide assistance with facilities management, environmental monitoring, and the […]