• Jose Seda

    Jose Seda

    What I do at the Chazen: Our team is responsible for creating a welcoming environment to all visitors, offering museum guidance, and providing information to […]

  • Adrienne Rich

    Adrienne Rich

    Insider tips for visitor: Don’t miss the fourth floor of the Elvehjem building: It is filled with terrors and wonders! My Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland On Saturdays you’ll find […]

  • Jamie Prey

    Jamie Prey

    When I started: July 15, 2019 Insider tips for visitor: Attend our events! We put on several events a week, which are free and open […]

  • Jenaille Northey

    Jenaille Northey

    What I do at the Chazen: As a VSA you will either find me at the front desks or walking through the galleries. My fellow […]

  • Ale NIcolet

    Ale Nicolet

    What I do at the Chazen: Work with interested donors, alumni, and friends on behalf of the Director in order to advance financial support for […]

  • John Berner

    John Berner

    When I started: August 2019. What I do at the Chazen: I get the art where it needs to be. Very basically we are the […]

  • casey coolidge

    Casey Coolidge

    When I started: May 20th, 2019 Insider tip for visitors: The reading niches on the west and south sides of the Chazen building’s third floor […]

  • Lindsay Grinstead

    Lindsay Grinstead

    Insider tips for visitors: One of my favorite views of Lake Mendota is from the bridge between our two buildings! My Chazen moment: Having to […]